Seville Shopping Malls

Best Outlets, Shopping Malls and Boutiques in Seville

Although an old city with vast historical importance, Seville is thriving with the style and fashion of today’s world. You will easily find both designer brands and traditional Sevillan styles all on one street and all over the city.  

Plaza De Armas

seville plaza de armas shopping mall

This shopping center housing a movie theatre, disco club, and even dance school is located inside Seville’s old train station and operated as such for over a hundred years.

Plaza la Legión

Corte Inglés

seville corte ingles shopping mall

The largest department store in Europe, and the only store of its kind in all of Spain, Corte Ingles is a huge multi floor store offering everything you could ever need. Each level has a different focus and offers different items, from clothes and bedsheets to music and televisions, and even a cafe on the top floor, Corte Ingles has it covered.

Plaza del Duque de la Victoria

Nervion Plaza

seville nervion plaza

Right outside the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán football stadium is the largest mall in the city. The Nervion plaza’s entrance boasts a large play area, courtyard and social hub under an open ceiling. With over 60 individual stores to choose from as well as a giant movie theater with many screen, including 3D showings, it is easy to spend the better half of a day shopping in Nervion.

Calle Luis de Morales, 3

Torre Sevilla

seville tower mall

The tallest standing building in Seville has recently added an open shopping district as of September 2018. Offering an outdoor center, you can enjoy a different shopping experience than anywhere else in the city surrounded by the beautiful flowers and greenery of the towers atmosphere.

Calle Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada, 2

Lagoh Mall Sevilla


It is the last large shopping centre to open in Seville in 2019 and brings together some of the most important brands in fashion, accessories and technology.

Av. de Palmas Altas, 1