Sports in Seville

Seville, a city for Sports

Because of its beauty, climate, and culture, sports in Seville cannot be avoided and watching a match in a Sevillano tapas bar is unlike anywhere else. With two stadiums, the city comes together during matches and championships, especially when it comes to home teams Sevilla FC and Real Betis Balompié.

Sevilla and Betis

seville betis

The football rivalry between the Betis green and Sevilla red gives the city a certain spice in its everyday life as fans show their spirit and competitiveness throughout the year, even in the off season. A healthy rivalry that ironically brings a new sense of comradery to Seville.

Betis Basket

seville betis basket

Real Betis Baloncesto S.A.D. is the professional basketball team of Seville. Basketball is very popular in Spain, second only to football of course, but the games and dynamic are unlike other basketball playing countries around the world.

Guadalquivir River

seville guadalquivir river sport

This stunning river cuts through the city yet unifies it more than anything is a pinpoint of Seville’s outdoor activities. The sole reason Seville became the important monolith of trade and culture centuries ago, the Guadalquivir makes any tour or walk of the city magical. Receive a breathtaking new point of view of the city by kayaking or paddle boarding along the banks.  

Seville Triathlon

seville triathlon

Take part in the gigantic marathon and celebration that is the Triathlon of Seville. Offering races for all ages and levels, swim,cycle, and sprint your way through the largest triathlon in Andalusia. This is a celebration as well, so even if you do not wish to participate you can come out, support the athletes, and enjoy the beautiful climate of the city.  

Marathon Of Seville

marathon seville

The Zurich Seville Marathon, with 14,000 contestants and 42 kilometers is huge celebration in and of Seville. The city’s natural design and climate is perfect for marathons and races, and the Zurich is the flattest race of its kind in all of Europe.

Skatepark Plaza De Armas

seville skate park

Seville is an active city full of life and activity, displayed perfectly by its many skate parks and sports centers. The Plaza de Armas park happens to be the biggest of its kind in all of Spain. Its location right along the Guadalquivir river gives it a beautiful atmosphere unique to these styles of parks. It is impossible to go through Seville without seeing someone on a set of wheels of some kind, and it gives the city a sense of comradery not seen anywhere else.


seville golf

Seville’s warm, agreeable weather and ambiance makes it the perfect city to unwind and relax on the golf course. Take advantage of the company and climate and truly play in paradise.