Nightlife in Seville

Enjoy the Nightlife in Seville

Live like a true Sevillano and celebrate with your friends and family throughout the night under the hidden light and secret color of the city: Yellow! The ambiance and style of Seville is truly different in the eventing than during the day; you will see more locals out and about, street performances, and see life as it truly and naturally is here in this beautiful city.


A historic neighborhood along the Guadalquivir river and home of the Maestranza bullring, Torre del Oro, as well as most of Seville’s naval and navigational museums and sites, but it’s club scene and night life are what breathes life into the neighborhood. What can be a crowded and touristic area turns into a hub of life and activity for the people of Seville. Gather in the many plazas of Arenal and enjoy the company and climate the Sevillan evening has to offer.

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Alameda De Hercules

This is the most popular plaza in Seville for social gatherings and nightlife in Seville; always full of young people, especially on the weekends. La Alameda offers a host of bars, both tapas and drinks, as well as a choice of dance clubs, sparking life into the nights of Seville.

seville nightlife alameda de hercules


The most traditional and authentic neighborhood in Seville, Triana has a surprising amount of bars and clubs to entertain all of Seville from the last hours of the night into the early hours of the morning. There is always a place to dance and a drink to be had in Triana, and you can celebrate in the most beautiful neighborhood in the city.

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Although these are the small, intimate, old fashioned streets of Seville you’ve heard about and seen in pictures, Alfalfa is an animated and welcoming neighborhood, especially during the night and you will always find groups of young people drinking, laughing, and hanging out on every corner. Alfalfa always has something to do, even on those Monday nights when other neighborhood stay quiet.

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