UNESCO Heritage Sites in Seville

Discover the UNESCO Heritage Sites in Seville

The timeless, historic landmarks of the city recognized by the entire world: these should be your first few stops. Housing thousands of years of history, architecture, and beauty; this is what Seville is known for. The beauty and wonder of these sites have been captured in movies and television all over the world.

Seville Cathedral and the Giralda

seville cathedral and giralda

The second largest Cathedral in the world, Catedral de Santa María de la Sede is the showpiece of Seville and it’s plazas are the liveliest in the city. Built in the 15th century, it’s tower can be seen from virtually wherever you are in the city, and when climbed gives you a perfect view of the city and horizon. Built upon the site of the Almohad mosque, the cathedral is a physical testament of Seville’s vast history.

Av. de la Constitución

The Royal Alcazar

royal alcazar seville guided tour

The oldest European palace that is still in use today, the Royal Alcazar and it’s gardens have been used often in movies and television for a reason.  Used by the King of Spain when he and his family visit Seville, the breathtaking foliage and palace walls create a truly royal experience as peacocks wander the outer gardens.

Pl. del Patio de Banderas, 6

General Archive of the Indies

seville archive indies

Storing over 43,000 documents, walking the halls of the Archive is simply impressive. Like all of Seville, its architecture tells its history and importance as one of the most important archives in Europe regarding the Spanish conquest and empire throughout the world, especially in the Americas.

Av. de la Constitución

Seville Cathedral and Royal Alcazar Tickets Advice

These are the two most popular sites in all of Seville, and therefore the queues are long even early in the mornings. To get the full historic experience we recommend booking a local guide to get more familiar with the monuments and skip the lines.

Official Guide, Monuments Tickets and Skip de Lines All Included

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