Seville for Children

Things to do in Seville with kids

Seville is a city for spirits both young and old and has a little something for everyone. Though an ancient city brimming with history and tradition, Seville has made the importance of family and fun a central focus.

Aquarium Of Seville

aquarium seville

Learn about Seville’s extensive natural and naval history in the impressive and detailed Acuario de Sevilla. Preserving and offering hundreds of exhibits and aquatic life, as well as a detailed history of Ferdinand Magellan’s historic voyage from Seville in the 14th century, this is a truly breathtaking exhibit of Seville.  

 Muelle de las Delicias

House Of Science

seville house of sciences

The third largest research institution in Spain gives the public a truly informative and immersive window into the studies and achievements of the scientific community and their advancements on climate change and the study of life.

Avenida Maria Luisa, 8

Isla Magica

seville isla magica

As the name suggests, this amusement park is a gigantic place of fun and magic. Offering a vast assortment of rides and roller coasters, activities, and even live shows as night, Isla Magica is an easy way to spend a day in Seville. The park even includes a water park, a perfect destination on Seville’s hottest days. The park is open seasonally in the Spring and its hours fluctuate daily. Use the website to plan your perfect trip.

Isla de la Cartuja

Navigation Museum

seville navigation museum

Dive into the extensive and fascinating naval history of Seville that made it the great city it is today. Learn about the evolution of ships and trade, the brave explorers who captained them, and discover what life was like aboard.

Camino de los Descubrimientos 

A Day In The Park

seville park for children alamillo

Seville is its most beautiful while relaxing and enjoying oneself, and the best places to do this are the city’s many lively outdoor parks. Parque de Alamillo, Parque de María Luisa, and Parque de los Príncipes are the three largest and most popular parks each offering a unique tranquil experience.

Isla de la Cartuja