Top 8 Churches and Basilicas in Seville

The Best and Most Beautiful Churches and Basilicas in Seville

The pillars of all of Spain, these are some of the oldest and most historic structures in all of Europe. Religion is what molded Seville into the city it is today and many offer public mass and ceremonies you can attend throughout the year.

Church of the Divine Savior

seville church of divine savior

The second most important church in Seville after the Cathedral itself, this Church rests on the site of both a basilica and a mosque and showcases a beautifully gilded wooden design that makes it stand out from the rest of the city.

Plaza del Salvador, 3

St. Annes Church Triana

seville st annes church triana

Built in the year 1276, this is the oldest church standing in Seville. Distinguishable by its impressive tower, the church is a historic visit while exploring the beautiful barrio of Triana.

Calle Vázquez de Leca, 1

San Luis De Los Franceses Church

san luis de los franceses church

Holding an impressive dome interior with breathtaking art from the 17th century, a gorgeous yet modest in size chapel, as well as the crypts, this Baroque style church is unique and popular amongst the churches of Seville.

Calle San Luis, 37

Virgin Of Hope Of Macarena Basilica

seville virgin hope macarena basilica

The most famous and important image and altar  in all of Andalusia, the Virgin of the Macarena is kept and revered in the center of the Basilica and carried throughout the streets of Seville during the Easter week of Semana.  

Calle Bécquer, 1

Our Lady Of Hope Of Triana Basilica

seville lady hope triana basilica

The Virgin Mary, Holy Mother of Jesus of Nazareth, is a very holy and important figure and image in Spain, especially in Andalusia. She is celebrated and revered throughout the year, but especially during the holy week and celebration of Semana Santa.

Calle Pureza, 53

Basilica Of Jesus De Gran Poder

seville basilica jesus del gran poder

A Basílica housing the powerful image of Jesus of the Great Power during his Passion, which is displayed and carried in through the streets during Semana Santa. Additionally the church has an impressive altar and traditional baroque dome structure.

Plaza San Lorenzo, 13

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