Welcome to the Best city in the World

Visit Seville and explore the Best City in the World

Visit Seville and explore the rich, intimate streets of the city, become captivated by the immemorial culture surrounding you, and fall in love with heart of Andalucia. Discover a city brimming with life and history and learn how its evolved through the centuries and inspired the rest of the world. The city of Seville is a welcoming one and will captivate you immediately.

seville unesco heritage sites

Timeless icons recognized by the entire world: this is what Seville is known for. These wonders should be your first stops.

seville museum arts popular customs

Whether you are here to learn, mentor, or just take a good picture, these are the cornerstones of history that can’t be missed.

seville guided tours and experiences

Hit every site and learn everything you could ever want about this illustrious city all while skipping the queues.

day trips from seville
day trips from seville

Stray outside the city and discover that the beauty of southern Spain is vast, ancient, and unlike anything else in the world.

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Tips and Tricks: Use these maps and time tables to make your experience fun and easy.

seville bike tour

A lively city with activities and events all year round, while here for even a few days you can still dive into rich culture and activities.

seville flamenco

Find the best places to never miss one of the highest form of art and expression in Southern Spain. 

seville shopping street

The style of Seville is unique, often mimicked but never perfected and here you will find the best stores and districts in the city.

salmorejo tapas seville

Tapas are the the highlight of Seville and finding the best place to relax and enjoy is an important choice.

seville pictures

Picture perfect proof. Seville’s beauty cannot simply be captured in pictures, however. You must see it for yourself.

seville marathon

Here you can download and print the only map you’ll ever need here in Seville.

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Find here the schedules and information of all the monuments of the city.

Why do you have to visit Seville?

A Unique and Different Lifestyle

Come to Andalucia and live like a Sevillano. Enjoy the tranquility of the city and wander the streets during the day, taking in the Guadalquivir river, followed by tapas and flamenco as you watch the city come to life.

An Incomparable Historical Heritage

The 22 hundred years of history of this city and its influencers are obvious in its structure and architecture. The Muslim and Christian occupation throughout its history has molded Seville into the accepting and intellectual city it is today. The city itself tells its own story of art, expression, and exploration unlike any other.

Seville and its Cultural Heritage

Seville and it’s geography make it a mixing bowl of people and culture. Influenced clearly by their neighbors to the south, African and Arab accomplishment and influence can be seen throughout all aspects of the city, especially from its inhabitants.

Andalusia a Privileged Natural Environment

There is more to see in Andalucia than just its timeless architecture. The Iberian peninsula is home to some of the most spectacular sites on earth, the most gorgeous surrounding Seville. Journey to the Rock of Gibraltar and through Morocco, or visit breathtaking beauties such as the Alhambra in Granada and the lush Doñana National Park.