Museums and Galleries in Seville

Top Museums and Galleries in Seville

Discover the rich culture of Seville art through its deep history and evolution throughout the ages. Andalusian art and expression is truly unique and couldn’t’ be displayed any better than in these museums.

Seville Fine Arts Museum

seville fine arts museum

Another breathtaking example of Andalusian architecture, this museum is a perfect slice of the Golden Age of Seville. Housing countless works by Spain’s most legendary artists throughout history from Bartolomé Esteban Murillo to Francisco de Zurbarán, everyone should experience these masterpieces.

Plaza del Museo, 9

Seville Archaeological Museum

seville archeological museum

What should be one of your many stops while visiting Plaza de Espana and Parque de María Luisa, this museum holds most of the sculptures and antiquities from the Roman city of Italica and other areas surrounding Seville, namely the great golden treasure El Carambolo. The three floors of the museum contain library and many exhibits of Medieval, Roman, and Islamic influence across Andalusian history.

Plaza de América

Arts and Popular Customs Museum of Seville

seville museum arts popular customs

A unique museum highlighting the style, heritage, and the craft of Seville. Another beautiful stop along Parque de María Luisa, the famous ceramics of Seville are expertly displayed and even used during the fundamental and holy celebrations of Semana Santa and La Feria.

Plaza de América, 3

Antiquarium of Seville

seville antiquarium

An unexpected museum of Moorish and Roman remains is hidden underneath Las Setas de la Encarnación. Discovered in 2003 and incorporated into the design of the huge wooden structure, the museum is meant to give the viewer a sense of exploration and what is was like to be on site during the remains discovery.

Plaza de Encarnación

Flamenco Museum of Seville

seville flamenco museum

One cannot simply visit Seville and not see a Flamenco show. It is the definitive expression of art and seen as the highest form of the heritage and expression to Andalusians. Here you will learn about all the different types of flamenco, where it all began, and witness a masterful performance for yourself.

Calle Manuel Rojas Marcos, 3

Seville Ceramic Museum

seville ceramic museum

Everything you could ever want and more when it comes to the world renowned authentic artisanship of Seville: Ceramics. Found on virtually every street and structure in the city, ceramics and pottery are staples of Sevillian culture. At Centro Cerámica Triana you will discover every different style of ceramic as well as how the craft has evolved over the last few centuries. There isn’t a more authentic souvenirs from Seville than this.

Calle Callao, 16

Bullfighting Museum of Seville

seville bullfighting museum

The oldest and one of the most important bullrings in all of Spain, Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza is a truly impressive site to see. Holding 13 thousand spectators at full capacity, this ring and it’s sport is considered a legendary part of Spanish culture and heritage. Learn the intense history of the art through the museum and bask in its wonder for yourself as you stand in the middle of the arena.

Paseo Cristóbal Colón, 12


seville caixaforum museum

A cultural center for showcasing and spreading the influence of art and its culture throughout the world. One of eight Caixaforum centers around the world and apart of the Torre de Seville, this museum is quite different from the rest in Seville, hosting events aimed at spreading the art, background, stories, and struggles of all types of people from all types of heritages.

Calle López Pintado

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