Monuments and Must See in Seville

Visit the Best Monuments and Must See in the City of Seville

Over two thousand years of extensive and abundant history of Seville can be seen in its architecture and design. The many historic monuments,churches and neighborhoods cannot be missed and should be at the top of your list of stops along your Andalusian adventure.

Plaza España and Mª Luisa Park

seville plaza espana maria luisa park

The largest park in all of Seville stretching 100 acres. There are many sites to visit inside the park itself, like the memorial to legendary Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes and the Fountain of Lions. However, the main attraction is Plaza Espana and its illustrious tiles and ceramics. Though simply used as government offices, the Plaza holds beautiful representations of each of Spain’s provinces, horse drawn carriage rides, and romantic row boats along the Plaza’s moat.

Av. de Isabel la Católica

Santa Cruz Neighborhood

seville santa cruz neighborhood

The neighborhood surrounding the Cathedral and Royal Alcazar is a very popular spot for paseos, or relaxing walks around town. This barrio is a picture perfect slice of Seville with its many ceramic shops and small tapas bars along every cobblestone avenue. A mix of the tradition of Seville and beauty of the palace, Santa Cruz breathes life into the streets of Seville.

The Golden Tower

seville golden tower

This former military watchtower literally cannot be missed standing tall along the Guadalquivir river. Today the Tower is a maritime museum holding many important naval charts and documents of Seville’s history along the Guadalquivir, and is one of, if not the, best views along the river in all of Seville.

Paseo de Cristóbal Colón

Santa Maria de las Cuevas Monastery

seville santa maria de las cuevas monastery

What used to be a huge monastery as well as treasury of Christopher Columbus is now used to conserve and study art of the region: the Andalucian Contemporary Art Center. Visitors can walk along the impressive grounds of the monastery, admiring the tall chimneys of the old ceramic factory, all while appreciating the age old art pieces and artifacts of Andalucia.

Av. Américo Vespucio, 2

Castle of San Jorge

seville san jorge castle

What used to be a fortress and prison during the Spanish Inquisition is now the oldest and liveliest markets in Seville. Overlooking the Guadalquivir  in the heart of the most traditional neighborhood in Seville, this former headquarters captures the essence and nature of everyday life in Seville; from freshly caught fish to the most authentic paella you’ll ever have, the Mercado de Triana has it all.

Plaza del Altozano, Triana

Seville Mushrooms

seville mushroom

Las Setas de la Encarnación, or Seville’s Mushrooms, is one of the more recent additions to Seville and is a hub of activities and entertainment and the largest wooden structure in the world. Five levels of Las Setas house a host of restaurants, a market, museum, as well as the best 360 degree view of Seville along the 250 meter catwalk make this grand modern art piece a must see.

Plaza de la Encarnación

The Charity Hospital

seville charity hospital

Distinguishable by its distinct architecture and ceramic images of the saints, this still active hospital containing a church and courtyard is devoted to the health and well being of the poor, homeless, and those in need.

Calle Temprado, 3

Venerables Hospital

seville venerables hospital

A tranquil, arcadian charity hospital, once the home of retired priests of Seville, is now the relaxing headquarters of Fundacion Focus while also housing and dedicated to the art and work of Diego Velazquez. Though small, the hospital still keeps the relaxing atmosphere one would expect from a priestly retirement home of old as you wander its beautiful hallways and courtyard.

Plaza Venerables, 8

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