Things to See in Seville

Explore the Top Monuments, Museums and Must See in Seville

The cornerstones and history of Seville. Whether you are here to learn, mentor, or just take a good picture, these are the places to mark on your map.

seville golden tower

The many historic monuments,churches and neighborhoods hold over two thousand years of abundant history of Seville can be seen in its architecture and design. 

seville fine arts museum

Dive into the rich and vast history of this ancient city and discover its evolution and influence throughout the ages.

seville unesco heritage sites

The timeless, historic landmarks of the city recognized by the entire world: these important landmarks should be your first stops.

seville venerables hospital

This city molded by religion has the most impressive churches and chapels that should not be missed.

seville house of pilatos

The city of Seville has a regal and bountiful history depicted by the many royal palaces of the city, which you are free to explore yourself!

seville monuments prices and time tables

Create an authentic and convenient experience in the heart of Andalucia. Here you can see all the prices and hours of operations of all the main sites in the city.