Main Shopping Streets in Seville

Top 4 Shopping Streets in Seville

These lively and bountiful avenues offer a rich social experience where you can see the local everyday life in the city first hand, while enjoying the beautiful history and commerce the streets have to offer.  

Sierpes and Tetuan Streets

seville sierpes street

Throughout Seville’s history these have been the central streets of trade and commerce, and they continue to be to this day. These traditional streets almost take you back in time with their narrow avenues and intimate bakeries and cafes.

City Center

Asunción Street

seville asuncion street

The famous street where the spring celebration “Feria de Abril” takes place, Calle Asuncion is a popular hub throughout the year that offers a wide variety of shops and cafes along its broad street. 

Los Remedios Neighborhood

Regina Y Feria Streets

seville feria street craft market

The lively neighborhoods surrounding the Las Setas de la Encarnación and the Alameda de Hércules always promises an entertaining and spirited experience. Countless bars, restaurants, and shops from all around the world offer a little something for everyone.  

City Center

San Jacinto Street

seville san jacinto shopping-street

The central avenue of life and activity in Triana is located perfectly right on the Guadalquivir river and  next to el Mercado de Triana, making it a central hub for all activity in the neighborhood. Everything you could ever want or need from Triana can be either be found right here or just around the corner.

Triana Neighborhood