Flea and Street Markets in Seville

Top 3 Flea and Street Markets in Seville

Seville is clearly a city of art and culture and wants to share that with the rest of the world. The city holds many weekly market festivals where many come from all over the world to buy and secondhand sell their varias crafts, jewelry, heirlooms, and anything you can think of.

Feria Street Flea Market

seville feria street craft market

The oldest market in the entire city offers a mix of styles both new and old, combining the past and present of Seville. Considered to be the most colorful street and market in the city, there is always something to find on Feria street. This market has been held since the 13th century.

Calle Feria Every Thursday

Cabildo Square Flea Market

seville cabildo square craft market

This market is perfectly situated near the Cathedral in a beautiful circular courtyard with marble columns. Merchants sell small novelty items from coins, stamps, and gemstones to pieces of original artwork and jewelry.

Plaza del Cabildo Every Sunday

Hytasa Cerro Del Aguila Flea Market

seville hytasa street market

Celebrating the importance of family and tradition, this is another market located along a large avenue in the city. This large market has both old relics and artifacts of the past as well as new age items and art. This market is farther from the heart of Seville, and it is recommended you take Seville’s metro train for the easiest and inexpensive trip; exiting the metro at Cocheras station will leave you right next to the market.

Close to the Cocheras subway station Every Sunday