Seville Craft Markets

Top 4 Craft Markets in Seville

The artisans and unique style of Seville are what make the city truly different than the rest of Spain and the world. The city’s vast history and combination of different peoples and cultures have created a blend of artistic methods and styles, with many markets and vendors offering their homemade and handcrafted ceramics, jewelry, pottery, sculptures, paintings, and all types of art. These markets have more known and professional artists selling their works.

Fine Arts Market

seville paintings flea market

Every Sunday outside Seville’s Fine Art Museum artists come to sell and show their paintings, sketches, and drawings; some even offering caricature sketches. The market can be a great walk after you are finished appreciating the Museum itself.

Fine Arts Museum Square

Paseo De La O Market

seville paseo de la o flea market

Walk along the banks of the Guadalquivir River, taking in the air and ambiance around you, all while appreciating the works of the artisans and vendors. Right below to the Triana Market and being along the river gives the market a genuine and comfortable feel compared to the markets in the streets of the city, making a picture perfect shopping experience.

Paseo de la O, Triana neighborhood

Plaza Del Duque Market

seville plaza duque street craft market

A large square outside the even larger El Corte Ingles department store in the Arenal neighborhood is where the Artisan Hippie Market is held every weekend. Over thirty tents offering unique articles such as tapestries, backpacks, handbags, handmade jewelry.

Plaza del Duque

Arco Del Postigo Artisans Market

seville arco del postigo artisans market

The market located under the important Postigo arch near the Cathedral offers a bountiful market in the heart of the city. The market connects the already energetic and social plaza to the city, where you can easily wander from the market into the beautiful neighborhood of Santa Cruz.

Calle Arfe, 29