Seville in 2 days

Things to see in Seville in 2 days

Seville is the most significant historical city in all of Spain, and as intimidating as that may sound at first, it is absolutely possible to become familiar with this immensely important city. As you will see, Seville is a social city of culture and tradition which deserves to be explored.

skyline seville in 2 days

The way life it with obligations, occasions, and unexpected possibilities, we understand that one cannot always spend a full holiday in one place as long as we would like. Here we recommend the places you should not miss during a quick visit in Seville in 2 days.

Day 1 (2 days in Seville itinerary)

  • The first stop of the day should be to the three UNESCO declared World Heritage Sites: the Cathedral, Royal Alcazar, and the Archives of the Indies. These are the three most important structures in the city and are all very close to one another.
  • The Royal Alcazar is the oldest residential palace in Europe and longest of the three to tour (about 2 hours if you want to see everything), so we recommend making that your first stop and tour in order to get the most from the immensely beautiful halls and gardens, so beautiful, in fact, they were chosen as a film location for the HBO series “Game of Thrones.”
royal alcazar seville in 2 days
Royal Alcazar
  • After the palace it is easy to immediately head to the World’s third largest gothic Cathedral to bask in its impressive architecture and artwork literally surrounding you from all sides. If you have time, we highly recommend climbing the Giralda bell tower and getting breathtaking view of the historic city.
seville cathedral seville in 2 days giralda
Giralda – Cathedral
  • Finally, the General Archive of the Indies offers a seemingly endless amount (in reality there are over 50,000 maps and documents alone) of history and books, charts, maps, and other navigational tools and documents of vital importance dating back to Spain epic conquests of old. Though vast, the Archive should take you close to 45 minutes to complete.
archive indies seville in 2 days
Archive of the Indies
  • After these impressive tours it is custom to enjoy the typical cuisine of Andalusia, and there is no better place to enjoy Sevilla tapas than the neighborhood of Santa Cruz: known as the old Jewish quarters of the city.
santa cruz tapas seville in 2 days
Santa Cruz neighborhood
  • As the afternoon transitions to evening, you should enjoy another spectacular panoramic view of the city from atop La Setas de Sevilla (Seville Mushrooms), also known as the Metrosol Parasol. In addition to the view, the world’s largest wooden structure is also home restaurants, a bar atop the Parasol, as well as a lively surrounding plaza, always full of energy were you have many options to enjoy a typical dinner here in Seville.
seville mushroom seville in 2 days
Las Setas – Seville Mushrooms
  • If you want to continue your celebration of Seville into the later evening, Alameda de Hercules is your best bet. This booming square is the best place get a taste of night life for the local Sevillanos. The boulevard is literally lined with bars, clubs, discos, tablaos, and terraces where you can grab a drink and have a good time!
alameda hercules seville-in 2 days
Alameda de Hercules

Day 2 (2 days in Seville itinerary)

  • A picture perfect start to your second day in the city should be a morning stroll through Maria Luisa park and Plaza España, where you will find the Museum of Popular Art and Customs as well as the Archaeological Museum of Seville. The park has a couple of delicious bars and restaurants and you can choose a perfect place to have breakfast. If you are so inclined, the Plaza offers small, intimate boat rides along the moat and horse drawn carriages that will give you a tour of the city.
  • Afterwards we recommend walking along the Guadalquivir river towards Torre del Oro, Seville’s Tower of Gold and what used to be a military navigational tower, now a museum!
golden tower seville in 2 days
Torre del Oro – Golden Tower Seville
  • Once past the Tower you should enter the most traditional and cultural neighborhood in the city: Triana. The most difficult thing about this part of the tour is narrowing down what you want to see first and foremost as Triana has a cornucopia of traditional tapas bars, speciality Iberian ham butchers, iconic ceramic shops including the iconic Ceramics Museum of Triana, not to mention the famous Mercado de Triana, the rightfully famous center of commerce in the neighborhood. Wander the market and get a good look at the fresh ingredients from grains and spices to the finest cut of steak from the butchers.
triana seville in 2 days
Betsi Street (Triana Neighborhood)
  • To wrap up your final day in the city, it is vital you witness the beauty and cultural phenomenon that is an Andalusian Flamenco performance, and this side of the city is the best place to pick one of the many traditional tablaos, especially surrounding the Cathedral.
flamenco show seville in 2 days
Flamenco Show

With that, you have seen the most important corners of the Seville in 2 days and made the most of your time here! In fact you may have found inspiration in already planning a return trip to get a bigger taste for the life culture here.

Though you have seen the iconic sites of the city, there are seemingly endless places to visit, activities to do, and history to learn here in the heart of Andalucia. That’s without mentioning the accepting, friendly, and social locals of the city that breathes a unique life through the small streets of Seville.

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