Best time to visit Seville

The beautiful heart of Andalucia boasts some of the most agreeable weather in the entire Iberian Peninsula, making it a prime destination all year round. The picturesque atmosphere of Seville is unlike anywhere else, and virtually every corner of the city makes for a great photo. Though some seasons are busier than others, Seville is always a sight to see no matter the season, but you may want to strategically plan your trip based on the weather and what you want most from the city! If we had to choose a best time to visit to city we’d suggest the fresh temperatures of the Spring and Fall seasons to visit, specifically between March and May so you can witness and experience the festivals of Andalucia!

Here we provide some deeper details into the climate and ambiance of the city throughout the year, so you can plan the best visit possible.

Spring in Seville

There is nothing quite like a Spring holiday in Seville. The city’s beauty shines during the Spring season of March, April, and May, with a cool, tranquil climate ranging from a cool 16ºC (60ºF) to 25ºC (77ºF) and an ambiance that makes walking the streets of the city a dream. Additionally, as if this wasn’t enough, the streets of the city are filled with the rich aroma of the orange trees blooming throughout the city, especially in the Plaza de los Naranjos near the Cathedral.

Subsequently this is the most popular season to visit Andalusia, especially due to the celebrations of Semana Santa and Feria de Abril, the most important celebrations in the city all year round. It is much harder to find hotel and lodging in the city during this time and we recommend you book your accommodations many months in advance in order to get the most comfortable options.

Summer in Seville

July and August are the two hottest months of the year with temperatures sometimes reaching up to 45ºC (104ºF) or more. The schedule of the city changes during the Summer, as shops will close during the hot afternoons and reopen after the sun starts to go down around 19:00 (7 p.m.) and staying open later in the evenings.

The Guadalquivir River is the city’s vital hub of life and refreshment during the hot season, offering a bounty of cool activities like kayaking and paddle boarding. The city’s water park Isla de Magica is also the best place to refresh yourselves with the family, especially because the local Sevillanos usually leave the city and there are fewer tourists during these hotter months, allowing for a more intimate experience without the usual crowds.

Autumn in Seville

The Fall season in Seville is similar to a second Spring as the weather cools down after the hot Summer months and the city returns to its comfortable and crisp climate. The days grow shorter but this does not affect the city as life and activity thrives all day and all night. With many and more locals returning to the city after their holidays and vacations, the city becomes busier and returns back to its lively nature.

The season offers perfect evenings for a walk around the neighborhoods and an incredible meal on the city’s many outdoor terraces and restaurants, and during the days it is perfect to visit the city’s palaces and monuments, or even travel outside the city on an excursion!

Winter in Seville

The Winters in Seville are not like other countries, and you would be forgiven for not even knowing as the temperatures rarely drop below 10ºC (50ºF) and a single flake of snow is unheard of. Though colder than usual, the city is still warmer than most and offers a host of amazing experiences that you can visit and tour comfortably.

The city is unlike any other because you can enjoy amazing tapas on an outdoor terrace in the middle of December, nowhere else offers an experience quite like this.