Typical Shopping in Seville

Typical Shopping and Things to Buy in Seville

What makes Seville Seville. The city has a style of its own that you will quickly pick up on after only spending a few hours inside. The heart of Andalusia has hosted a variety of people and cultures throughout history and has mixed these different customs and artistries, creating something unique to Seville.

Ceramics In Sevilla

seville ceramics

Something that literally cannot be missed is the iconic, beautiful, brightly painted tiles and ceramics on almost every building and structure throughout Seville. The city offers many styles of the art and incorporates it into everything from the most important churches to the humblest of apartments. The ceramics of Seville perfectly capture the artistic culture of its history.

Spanish Guitar

seville spanish guitar

There is no Andalusia without Flamenco, and there is no Flamenco without the guitar. Spanish guitar and its variety of styles are a vital part of Sevillan culture, and you will have the opportunity to witness many shows and performances through its many guitar houses, theatres, and even street performances. The music of the city is all its own and a vital part of its life and culture.

Flamenco Fashion

seville flamenco fashion

The city of Seville is full of theatres and shops exhibiting the region’s purest form of art and expression: Flamenco. In addition to witnessing one of these special and emotional shows for yourself, you can also make the style your own and purchase an outfit or accessories at many specialty shops throughout Seville. If you are in Seville during the celebration of Feria in the spring in the beginning of May you will see the entire city dress in Flamenco dresses as they dance and celebrate.