Seville Gastronomy Typical Products

Typical Gastronomic Products from Seville

A city known for its food and culture surely has some of the best ingredients the planet has to offer. Don’t miss these distinguished tastes of Seville and even bring some of them back home with you.

Iberian Ham

seville iberian ham

The black Iberian pig, as the name suggests, is indigenous to the Iberian peninsula, specifically the southern regions. The iberian ham carries just as much of Seville’s history as it does flavour, and you will find the iconic ham’s hanging in the windows of butchers all throughout the city and its markets.

Olive Oil

seville olive oil

It is virtually impossible to have a meal in Andalucia and avoid this accent of Spain. As the largest producer of the product, Spain has over a thousand variations of Olive oil and has incorporated it into almost every dish the city could offer.


seville wines

The wide variety of wine shops and tasting events in the city shows clearly Seville’s love and appreciation for the art. Enjoy wines from all over Spain, the world’s third largest producer, and you cannot leave Andalucia without trying its Sherry that it’s known for.


seville oranges

On almost every street and avenue in Seville you will find orange trees, and during the winter and spring time if you cannot see them you can surely smell them. With thousands of trees scattered throughout, this fruit has become iconic to Seville’s style and cuisine, incorporated into all types of dishes both sweet and savory.

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