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Best Rated Tapas Restaurants in Seville

A thousand wonders can be found it the cuisine of the city. Here we present you with a selection of the best restaurants and bars where the taste of Seville will never be forgotten.


A few steps from the historic district of Santa Cruz, next to the heart of the city of Seville, stands the Palacio de Villapanés. A jewel that shines in all its splendor, the palace preserves its Baroque legacy while transporting you to the Mudejar era, inviting you to be the protagonist of it’s vast history. This is a spectacular setting that houses the restaurant Los Rincones del Marqués, a delicious proposal worthy of the most demanding palates.

Calle Santiago, 31

Rated 9,1/10

This flamenco styled restaurant has a menu based on the local products and customs of Andalusia, especially Cadiz. The specialty made “bravas” with a homemade sauce with the perfect spice can’t be missed no matter what! The “carabineros” salad, sherry mushrooms, and Whiskey sirloin are to die for and should be enjoyed as soon as you can! ¡Olé!

Plaza Cristo de Burgos, 23

Rated 9,1/10

The restaurant La Bulla has an enviable situation, in the old town of Seville, contemplating, in front, the church of the Waters. An opportunity that stands out in the district of Arenal and offers Andalusian cuisine open to influences from the rest of the world.

Calle Dos de Mayo, 26

Rated 9/10

Cinco Jotas is perhaps the best restaurant in Seville to try some of the famous plates of Andalusia. Jabugo Ham, for instance. This Cinco Jotas Restaurant is located in the heart of Seville. Located on a unique corner a few meters from the Maestranza and the Cathedral of Seville, it offers a selection of our meals paired with an exclusive menu of Osborne wines and other wineries.

Calle Castelar, 1

Rated 8,9/10

The restaurant El Pasaje Sevilla, located in the Pasaje Vila of the capital of Andalusia, brings a revolution upon the world of Andalusian tapas. After a classic design, the kitchen surprises you with a fabulous signature cuisine famous for its presentations, design and creativity.

Pasaje de Vila, 8

Rated 8,8/10

The restaurant La Molona is located in the heart of Seville. Ideal place to mix with art the best of traditional Sevillian cuisine with new gastronomic trends and also to meet your friends for a coffee or a drink.

Calle San Pablo, 9

Rated 8,8/10

The Ruedo is the restaurant of an obvious lover of bulls and bullfighting, and a follower of the Maestranza. The owner, a connoisseur of the craft, knows how to please the fans, so much so that in just a few months he has become a meeting point for fans and breeders.

Calle Harinas, 20

Rated 8,3/10

The restaurant Peko Peko is one of the busiest in the city of Seville. It is located in the heart of the Santa Cruz district of the city. The team of chefs is committed to a cuisine of Andalusian and Peruvian fusion.

Calle Sta. María la Blanca, 20

Rated 7/10

The Mesón Don Raimundo is located inside an old 17th century convent in the heart of Seville and is decorated with abundant Mozarabic ornamentation. In the restaurant you can taste the typical dishes of Andalusian and Mozarabic cuisine made with fresh produce, as well as homemade desserts.

Calle Argote de Molina, 26

El restaurante Taberna Flamenca se emplaza cerca del centro de Sevilla. Está junto a la Facultad de Bellas Artes y a la Iglesia de la Anunciación, y, tal y como sugiere su nombre, es un lugar de típico corte andaluz tanto en su ambiente como en su cocina. 

Calle Francisco de Pelsmaeker